Why did the boy become an astronaut ?
Because he was no earthly good !
What do astronauts wear to keep warm ?
Apollo-neck sweaters !
Where do astronauts leave their spaceships ?
At parking meteors !
Where do Martians drink beer ?
At a mars bar !
How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep ?
You rock-et !
Two astronauts went to a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes ?
You see, it had no atmosphere !
First Spaceman: I'm hungry.
Second Spaceman: So am I, it must be launch time !
What do you call a loony spaceman ?
An astronut !
What do you call a space magician ?
A flying sorcerer !
I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.
What high hopes you have !
What did the metric alien say ?
Take me to your litre !
What holds the moon up ?
Moon beams !