Doritos were introduced to the world in 1966. (Fortunately for the world.) Ever since then, their freaking awesome taste has been rocking the taste buds of young and old alike.

That is, until the "Year of the Tragedy" (as 2005 will eventually be known). Frito Lay tried to make Doritos "Better-Tasting". WRONG. They were worse-tasting. What the freak?

So, in memory of the REAL "Better-Tasting" Doritos, an "Ode to Doritos":
where art thou,
little orange creatures?
who haunt my dreams and invade my slumber?
are your days numbered?

nay, only your taste.
and what a waste.

dear friends, this is no joke...
they have become like "new coke";
their sweetness departed,
evaporated like smoke.

once my tongue's delight,
with no end in sight,
suddenly ended,
'twas Frito Lay that was your plight.

corporation, take heed:
why improve taste without need?
for what could be easier,
than to leave them "Nacho Cheesier"?
Bring Back the Good Doritos! The new Doritos are NOT "Better Tasting!" It's still not too late to sign the Online Petition to bring back the Nacho Cheesier Doritos flavor we all know and love!